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Pumpkins Down Under in Australia

Pumpkin growing in Australia is a great gardening hobby and fascination. From giant pumpkins down to miniature Jack B. Littles, Australian pumpkin growers just love their pumpkins. It doesn't matter where you live on this planet, pumpkins are just fascinating.

Here are some articles and pictures contributed from pumpkin growers "Down Under":

Hi from sunny Central Victoria, Australia.

Since visiting your beautiful country last October, and seeing pumpkins everywhere in the lead up to Halloween, I have now become a Pumpkin Freak. Last November I planted my seed and look what I now have. I planted 7 different varieties of seed, including some that I bought at "Monticello".

I have attached 7 photo's for you to have a look at. Enjoy... Lawrence Lingard-Davis.

Wendy Staynor is well known as the ""Pumpkin Lady" of Australia. She writes: "Lots of people are still growing the pumpkins, but unfortunately no competitions. I would love to get something going, but finding it practically impossible to get people motivated, a site etc. A few little competitions here and there, but nothing major. The Holdens in Port Lincoln still hold the Australian record. No 1,000 lbers yet. Wendy

See Wendy's website for the latest on Pumpkin Growing in Australia


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