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Pumpkin Calendar Activity and Events !

Here is our schedule of events, and our focus as we go through the year. Join us for the  fun of growing,pumpkins, along with  the fun of cooking and eating them! We are there with you every step of the way, and every month of the year.

January We begin to awake from hibernation with the arrival of seed catalogs. Dreams of monster pumpkins abound as we keep warm by the fireside.
February Time to focus on two things: 1. Determining what kind of pumpkins to grow and how to get the best seeds; 2. Think of what you need to do, to improve your garden soil.
March Learn, learn learn. Now is the time to study and seek tips on how to improve your garden and techniques.
Some of us may be lucky enough to get into the garden, to begin preparing for the season.
Read up and learn about proper germination, and buy potting supplies.

How to grow pumpkins

April Get out into the garden and begin to apply all of your winter learnings to improve and prepare the soil.
Indoor planting time begins! Follow proven techniques to maximize germination.
May Transplanting is an important step as transplant shock will slow the tender plant's grow. Also protect the seedling from early season cold, especially overnight.
June Early care and nurturing will jump start your seedling and put the plant into the fast lane.
July Pollination time on the vine. Make sure you know how to position the fruit. Proper plant growth and development is also important now.
August Pumpkin growing is in full swing. Pest and disease are a prime concern.
September With the closing days of the season, we try to coax a few more pounds into the fruit.
We will also discuss storage and proper cleaning and keeping seeds.
October First comes the weigh-offs in the first few days of the month as the season ends.
Then, we turn to Halloween fun and playing with our pumpkins.
November Enjoy eating and decorating with pumpkins.
Pumpkins as a traditional part of Thanksgiving. People do just about anything imaginable to and with pumpkins!
December Time to hibernate and enjoy the Christmas season

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