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A Pumpkin Kind of Wedding

Pumpkin themed wedding
(Note the pumpkins in the bridal bouquet )

The birth of a child is a special and blessed event. But to be born on October 31st, makes this child extremely special and pumpkins become a natural part of the child's life. And so it came to be that Meredith was born weeks early on Halloween day. The connections to pumpkins are everywhere in her life. Her family has roots in southern Canada and were in Canada when she arrived. Avid pumpkin lovers know that Canada is a hotbed of pumpkin growing, especially for the competitive giant pumpkins. As many of the finest pumpkins come from Canada, so did this fine little 'punkin.

As she grew up Meredith could not escape the pumpkin connection, nor did she or her family even try to. Rather, they embraced it. Birthdays and other events included pumpkins in both decorations and in gift giving. A noticeable exception was the absence of a pumpkin costume while trick or treating. Her mother Meredith reports " She was a pumpkin so her costume had to be something else!".

Whether she knew it or not, Meredith has lived in three of the biggest pumpkin growing areas, and  members of her family lives in a fourth. Her roots are in Canada where she was born and family members have lived for generations. She grew up in upstate New York. She now resides in Seattle, Washington area, another well known pumpkin growing area. Her sister lives in California, yet another area where avid pumpkins growers can be found in great numbers. Can these connections be mere coincidence?

Now on to college years. Go ahead,. just take a guess where Meredith went to College? She attended Syracuse University, home of the Orangemen! While I'm sure Meredith was true to her colors, her mother Martha reports that Meredith refused to wear any college shirts and sweaters until they put the word "orangewoman" on it.

Like all good pumpkin stories, Prince Charming enters the picture. Sean asked Meredith for her hand and of course she accepted. No, they did not set their wedding date for Halloween. But, they did set it for mid-October. Even the most fanatical pumpkin enthusiast must recognize that a wedding date is it's own event, not to be shared with any other event.

As they began their wedding plans, Meredith's mother contacted us at Pumpkin Nook for ideas for the wedding. The ideas that were conceived by us and others were woven into the wedding plans, beginning with bridal showers and all the way to the wedding reception. You will see from the pictures in this article that decorations were done in great taste. While pumpkins were obviously the theme, they were not overpowering in their presence.

Pumpkin seed packetsHere at Pumpkin Nook we were asked to prepare Wedding favors. The envelopes are pictured here. They were stuffed with pumpkin seeds and a special message to guests. Hopefully, the guests will plant them in a few weeks and think about Meredith and Sean as the plants grow.

The pictures below show some of the many pumpkin and seasonal decorations included at Meredith and Sean's wedding.

Pumpkin theme wedding The gift table.

pumpkin settingSmall pumpkins hallowed out and filled with candles and flowers.

pumpkins with child Pumpkins abound and everyone gets into the act.

Pumpkin DisplayAnother seasonal display.

Pumpkins at buffetThe banquet table was perhaps the most unique you've ever seen.

Pumpkin Bowls All the food was served from carve out pumpkins.

Pumpkin Buffet Table The pumpkins were lined and the food placed inside.


Pumpkin Themed Wedding Okay, so the couple kept to a more traditional wedding cake. This is a wedding, not a pumpkin festival. To the best of my knowledge the cake was not pumpkin flavored.

PumpkinsIn this picture, the miniature pumpkin actually serves as a candle holder.

Meredith's mother made a great speech at the reception. She chronicled her little pumpkin from birth to the wedding day. The neat thing about weddings and marriage is that it is like the beginning of a new season filled with great hope and expectations. With love and the blessings of God, perhaps another little pumpkin (or two, or three, or...) will come along some day!

As always, stay tuned..........


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