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Pumpkin Recipes from China

1. Make a congee

First to use the rice to make congee, then pumpkin peel the skin then cut little block, put it in the boiling water to cook, after that take out the pumpkin and mix with congee and add some sugar, can eat it.

2. Make a soup

Ingredient: Chicken, Pumpkin, Root of pueraria, Morinda officinalis, Ginger, Leek, Salt, Pepper

Making: Pumpkin to peel the skin, and the chicken to cut slice. Put them in the cold water, when water boiling then take it out, after that take chicken ,pumpkin, root of pueraria, morinad officinalis, ginger, leek , salt, pepper into the pot to stew, about 1:30-2:00 hours, the soup is OK.

Did You Know? The word for pumpkin in Mandarin is "Nangua".

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