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Safely light pumpkins

1999 Cucurbita Oscars

Best Picture:

"You've Got Pumpkins"- A takeoff on the popular "You've Got Mail" slogan of AOL. Two fanatic Atlantic Giant growers fall in love over the Vinenet. Their love grows as the vines entangle them,their gardens and their lives.

"Pumpkin Patch Adams"- A comical satire about a grower who is trying to coax his vines and fruit using somewhat unconventional methods.

"Great Expectations"- In this remake of the classic movie, desire gives way to passion in a wildly romantic tale of a gardener and a pumpkin plant linked by destiny and fated to touch each other's souls. Our hero, A.G. begins the year with dreams of being in the Guiness World Book of Records.

"My Best Friend's Pumpkin" - Mis-adventure and mischief abounds as a jealous Atlantic Giant grower realizes the seed he gave his neighbor was accidentally from the stock he acquired from the world record pumpkin.

Honorable Mention:

  • Pumpkin In a Bottle
  • My Favorite Pumpkin
  • Saving Private Cucurbita

Best Science Fiction:

"Pumpkinageddon"- Earth is on a collision course with a giant pumpkin the size of the state of Texas. Will the earth be squashed (sorry). Scientists and a crew of unlikely astronauts (those must be AG growers) race to save the earth before it is splattered with pumpkin brains and seeds.

"Sphere"- An elite team is sent to investigate a pumpkin that plunged into the ocean....three hundred years ago! Once they reach the bottom at 1,000 feet, the team finds something unexplainable, and unbelievable. They discover that the mysterious pumpkin is not from the past, but from the future!

Best Animated Movie:

"Babe, Pumpkin in the City"- In this soon to be children's, classic "Punkie", an animated pumpkin encounters a variety of adventures as he visits the big city during late October.

Foreign Language Film:

"Les Miserables"- You guessed it, anybody who experiences stem rot is miserable. But, the movie is well scripted and really touches us all. There wasn't a dry eye in the theater at the end of the show.

Best Actor in a Leading Role:

Jack B. Little- Jack may be little, but he is fearless as he dives into the unknown depths in "Sphere" to discover a pumpkin that has come from the future!

Jack O'Lantern- Jack's Irish humor is the perfect match for his well rounded performance in Pumpkin Patch Adams. Critics claim this was his best performance yet, stating "This is the kind of performance that you see once in an Orange Moon".

C.U.Curbita- In "Pumpkinageddon", C.U. fearlessly leads an ill prepared team to the giant pumpkin surface as it hurtles towards earth. His mission, to carve it into small pieces before it reaches earth's outer atmosphere.

Best Actress in a Leading Role:

Vinessa Green- She's slim, she's slender and she is entwining. Vinessa is the center of an entangled relationship, which bears great fruit.

Visual Effects:

"Pumpkinageddon"- The nuclear explosion of the giant pumpkin moments before it reaches the earth's atmosphere sends pumpkin brains and seeds across the universe. The sight will linger in your mind for years.

Best Director:

Peter Peter- Anyone who can direct his wife into a pumpkin shell has our vote.

Original Musical or Comedy Score:

"I'll Love You 'Til the End of Vine"- The theme song for "You've Got Pumpkins". Written and recorded by Smashing Pumpkins.

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