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"Club 1000"

An Exclusive Club for growers of pumpkins weighing over one thousand pounds!

Steve Deletas and family with his world record 1385 pound pumpkin.

Note: Yes, the bar has been raised. The "1100 Club" replaces "Club 1000", starting in 2004. While growing a pumpkin of 1000 pounds is a special accomplishment, many, many growers have now accomplished it multiple times. The new "1100 Club" recognizes the exclusive top growers who are stretching the boundaries of this great hobby!  See the "1100 Club".

New Club 1000 Inductees for 2003(Weight/Grower/Weighoff Site/ Parent):

  1. 1385 Steve Deletas, Canby  A new world record!
  2. 1373 Bryan Dueck, Niagara
  3. 1370 Jerry Rose, Canfield
  4. 1301.5 Alan Eaton, Ottawa See Picture
  5. 1301.4 Bruce Whittier, Topsfield See Picture
  6. 1279.5 Winston Wyckoff- Burbank, OH See Picture

  7. 1247 Steve Handy, Canby

  8. 1242 Larry Checkon, Altoona See Picture

  9. 1225.4 Joe Jutras, Topsfield

  10. 1213 Geoffrey Pierce, Topsfield See Picture

  11. 1193 Arnold Vader, Ottawa See Picture

  12. 1186.6 Tammy Peirce, Topsfield See Picture

  13. 1180 Steve Deletas, Halfmoon Bay

  14. 1162 Gerry Checkon, Altoona See Picture

  15. 1159 John Barlow, Anamosa

  16. 1157 Quinn Werner, Canfield See Picture

  17. 1143 Claude and Marie Colbert, Gentilly See Picture

  18. 1134 Joel Holland, Halfmoon Bay

  19. 1133.4 Robert E. Demers, Topsfield See Picture 

  20. 1132 Sharon Eaton , Ottawa See Picture

  21. 1123 Jim Sherwood, Canby

  22. 1121 Jim Ford, Topsfield See Picture

  23. 1107.5 Quinn Werner, WPC See Picture

  24. 1107 Shelly Cramer, Halfmoon Bay See Picture

  25. 1106 Mike Popp, Tualatin, Or.

  26. 1104.5 Glen Cheam, Ottawa See Picture

  27. 1104.5 Brett Hester, Canby

  28. 1100 Bill Bobier, Oswego See Picture

  29. 1089.5 Winston Wyckoff , Canfield

  30. 1088.4 Wayne Kennedy, Niagara See Picture

  31. 1082.6 James Curry, Topsfield

  32. 1074.4 Jim Beauchemin, Topsfield See Picture

  33. 1073.4 Jerold Johnson, Anamosa

  34. 1072 Kathy Houghton, Topsfield See Picture

  35. 1071.5 Olivia Lanterman, Canfield

  36. 1069.2 Kenneth Magdycz , Topsfield See Picture

  37. 1068.2  Ron Wallace, Topsfield

  38. 1064 James Martin, Halfmoon Bay See Picture

  39. 1064 Jim Sherwood, Halfmoon Bay

  40. 1061 Marge & Bob Greer, Ottawa See Picture

  41. 1057 Quinn Werner , Canfield See Picture

  42. 1057 Stan Pugh, Central Market

  43. 1056 Joe Ailts, Nekoosa See Picture

  44. 1051 Stephen Lewis, Ottawa See Picture

  45. 1048.6 Kevin Companion, Topsfield

  46. 1047 Wayne Peters, Austin, Mn

  47. 1039 Mary Vader, Ottawa See Picture

  48. 1030 Scott Armstrong, Amagansett, Long Island, NY

  49. 1029 Alan Nesbitt, Elmira See Picture

  50. 1028.8 Dan Carlson, Anamosa See Picture

  51. 1027 Bill Hopkins, Topsfield See Picture

  52. 1024.5 Valerie & Meagan Cheam, Ottawa

  53. 1024 Kirk Mombert , Halfmoon Bay

  54. 1019(Dmg) Donald E. Chambers, offical scales, Warwood, WV, See Picture

  55. 1017 Clifford Picketts, PEI

  56. 1015 Bruce Kaye, Ottawa See Picture
  57. 1014.5 Jack LaRue, Canby
  58. 1007.5 Clyde Wilson, Canby
  59. 1006 Mike Popp, Central Market
  60. 1005 Katie Jenkins, Topsfield See Picture
  61. 1002 Allan Gibson, Canfield
  62. 1000.5 Greg Kurkowski, Sioux Falls, S.D.
  63. 1000 Stan Pugh, Tualatin, Or.

2003 Damaged and Exhibition:

Bruce and Mary Whittier  of Henniker, N.H. with their 1458 (Dmg) pound pumpkin.

  1. 1458(Dmg) Bruce and Mary Whittier, weighed in field with offical scales, See Picture

  2. 1082 Stan Pugh, Central Market

  3. 1051.5 Larry Checkon, Altoona

  4. 1004 Quinn Werner, Canfield See Picture 

  5. 1002 Peter Carter (Dmg) See Picture

New Club 1000 Inductees for 2002(Weight/Grower/Weighoff Site/ Parent):

  1. 1337.6 Charlie Houghton, Topsfield 845Bobier x 712Kuhn(Pictured above)

  2. 1245 Tim Bailey, Exhibition- Blossom end split, WPC See Picture

  3. 1236 Al Eaton, Exhibition, Ottawa See Picture

  4. 1215 Ben Hebb, Windsor, Nova Scotia See Picture

  5. 1186.4 Bruce Whittier , Topsfield

  6. 1178 Rock Rivard (723 Bobier x 805 Pukos 380"), Gentilly See Picture

  7. 1177.6 Jim Kuhn NH , Topsfield

  8. 1173 Kirk Mombert, Half Moon Bay

  9. 1172 Bill Greer, Ottawa See Picture

  10. 1156 David Larsen, Canby- A FIRST YEAR GROWER!

  11. 1056 Ruff, Anamosa

  12. 1112.5 Steve Handy , Canby

  13. 1105 Greg Stucker, Elk Grove See Picture

  14. 1101 Jake Van Kooten - New BC Canada Record, PNWGPG See Picture

  15. 1097.6 Tony Ciliberto (Stelts 705), PGPGA See Picture

  16. 1097.5 Tom Beachy, Southern Indiana See Picture

  17. 1096 Peter Glasier, Half Moon Bay See Picture

  18. 1092 Dennis Dagle, Windsor, Nova Scotia

  19. 1090 Mike Fisher, Canby

  20. 1083.5 Jerold Johnson, Anamosa (735 Pukos) See Picture

  21. 1076.5 Quin Werner, OVGPG See Picture

  22. 1074 Calai, OVGPG

  23. 1070 Todd Kline, Exhibition, Ottawa See Picture

  24. 1066 Jack Vezzolo, Elk Grove See Picture

  25. 1064 Jack LaRue, Half Moon Bay

  26. 1058 Craig Sandvik, Central Market (652 Pukos)

  27. 1056.5 Bob Ruff, Anamosa

  28. 1055 Greg Kurkowski, Exhibition, Great South Dakota Weighoff

  29. 1049.5 Mary Calai, OVGPG

  30. 1049 Clarence Koch, Nekoosa See Picture

  31. 1047 Bill Bobier, Oswego See Picture

  32. 1038 G. Emmons, PNWGPG

  33. 1037.5 Bill Bobier , Windsor, NY (seed 723 Bobier), WPC See Picture

  34. 1035 P Handy, Canby

  35. 1029 Alan Nesbitt, Elmira

  36. 1027 Lisa Hester, Half Moon Bay

  37. 1024 Joe Pukos, Oswego (Bobier 723) See Picture

  38. 1023 Hester, Canby See Picture

  39. 1023 Arnold Vader, Ottawa See Picture

  40. 1020 Alan Nesbitt, Exhibition See Picture

  41. 1018 Jeff Patrey, Exhibition, Ottawa See Picture

  42. 1013.6 Dave Hampton Ma , Topsfield

  43. 1012.5 Andrew Papez, Howell Pumpkin Farm, Ontario, Canada See Picture

  44. 1005 Kurt Mombert, PNWGPG See Picture

(Note: clicking on some images below will give a larger picture)
Geneva Emmons of Sammamish, Washington is the new world recordholder with this beautiful 1262 pound pumpkin, weighed in at Canby, Oregon on October 6, 2001.
On September 29, 2001, Brittany & Craig Weir of Salisbury, Ma. became the new world recordholders wirh a 1260.4lb pumpkin. Their reign lasted only one week. And, it was broken by a pumpkin only two pounds heavier!
Steve Daletas of Pleasant Hill, Oregon brought a 1230 pound pumpkin to the Canby Oregon weighoff on October 6, 2001. Hard to believe, but it only placed second!
Paul Handy of Vancouver, Was. was the third of five growers bringing a thousand pound pumpkin to Canby, Oregon in 2001. His weighed 1167 pounds.
Al Eaton of Richmond, Ontario Canada grew a 1153 pound pumpkin, a new Canadian alltime record. Al proudly displayed it at OSLGA in Ottowa, Canada on October 6, 2001.
Geneva Emmons of Sammamish, Washington not only broke the world record in 2001, she grew three pumpkins over 1100 pounds. The third was this 1144 pounder weighed in ast Des Moines, Wa. on October 20, 2001.
Dave Stelts of Leetonia, Ohio broke the world record in 2000 with a 1,140 pound pumpkin. The pumpkin was weighed in at Canfield, Ohio (OVGP).
Gerry Checkon of Spangler, Pa was crowned the "Pumpkin Queen" in 1999, a reign that lasted but one year. For the record, her pumpkin was 1,131 pounds.

Did you know? When they opened up the pumpkin, there were no seeds!

No picture yet. Geneva Emmons not only broke the world record in 2001, but she had two 1000 pound pumpkins. The second was 1,111 lbs weighed at the Lone Pine Weighoff on OCtober 13, 2001.
Todd Skinner Joined this elite club with his 1109 pound pumpkin which he put on display at the Barnesville, Ohio weigh off on September 30, 2000.
John Girgus of Derry, N. H. Weighed in his 1107.8 lb. pumpkin at Topsfield, Ma on September 29, 2001. He disqualified his own pumpkin due to a hole to the cavity. But he truly belongs here in Club 100 as his pumpkin was officially weighed.
Kirk Mombert of Harrisburg, Oregon took fourth place on October 6, 2001 with a 1097 pounder.
Joe Pukos of Leicester, N.Y. won first place at the WPC weighoff in Clarence, N.Y. on September30, 2000 with this 1,096.8 pound pumpkin. If you have been part of this hobby and have visited Pumpkin Nook, before, you may recognize Joe as one of our past Feature Growers. We knew this day would come for Joe.

Joe told me he spent one to one and a half hours a day tending his pumpkin and the vines. What did he do differently this year? He said he "buried the heck out of the vines."

Gary Burke of Simcoe, Ontario, Canada broke the world record in 1998 with a 1,092 pound pumpkin. He displayed it at the Port Elgin festival.
No picture yet. Scott Daletas of Pleasant Hill, Oregon grew a 1075 lb. pumpkin in 2001.
Glenn Needham (Canada) brought his 1064.5 pound pumpkin to the Carp Fair in Canada in 2000. His pumpkin had developed a crack and would not last until the larger weigh-offs.
Rock Rivard brought his 1062 pound pumpkin to the Gentilly, Quebec, Canada weighoff on October 6, 2001.
No picture yet. Tony Cilberto of Wilkes-Barre, Pa. probably didn't admit disappointment, but his 1061.5 pound pumpkin weighed in light versus the tape. He weighed in are Altoona, Pa. in 2001. (PGPGA)
Paula Zehr of Lowville, N.Y. was the first member to join Club 1000 in 1996 with a 1,061 pound pumpkin.
Joe Pukos of Leicester, N.Y. weighed in a 1061 pound pumpkin at Oswego, N.Y. on October 6, 2001. The week before, he took first place in the WPC weighoff with another pumpkin.

Picture, compliments of Len Stellpflug, Rush, N.Y.

"It's all in the seed!" That's what Len Stellpflug of Rush, N.Y. says about growing a 1,056 pound pumpkin in 1998 from a Gerts 946.5. Len is well known for developing the Weight Estimation chart that allows growers to measure their pumpkins in the field with a tape measure to estimate the weight.
No Picture yet. Dave Stelts, the 2000 record holder, displayed a 1053.5 pound pumpkin at the Ohio Valley Pumpkin Growers weighoff on October 6, 2001.
No Picture yet. Joel Holland displayed his 1049 lb. pumpkin at the Lone Pine, weighoff on October 13, 2001.
Neil Cox placed second at the 2000 WPC weighoff in Clarence N.Y. with his hefty 1,048 pound pumpkin. Neal came in from Waterford, Ontario to make this a truly international competition.

Picture, compliments of Bob Attaway, Flowery Branch, Ga.

Todd Kline of Shawville, QC, Canada registered his 1,036.5 pound pumpkin at the Ottawa-Saint Lawrence Growers weighoff in 1999.
Brett Hester of Canby, Oregon placed fifth at the Canby weighoff on October 6, 2001 with a 1028 lb. pumpkin. At many festivals, this would take first place!
Joel Holland of Puyallup, Was. displayed his 1,026 pound pumpkin on October 7, 2000. PNWPG
Jim Kuhn of Goffstown, New Hampshire weighed his 1020.2 lb. pumpkin at Topsfield, Ma. on September 29, 2001.
Andrew Papez of St. Catherines weighed his 1020 lb. pumpkin on October 6, 2001.
Steve Daletas of Pleasant Hill, Oregon brought his second largest pumpkin , 1016 pounds, to Half Moon Bay on Columbus Day, 2001.
Bob & Elaine MacKenzie of Tiverton Ontario, Canada displayed a 1,010 pound pumpkin.
It was Saturday night, October 28, 2000. Halloween was almost here and nobody expected it. But Jack LaRue brought a pumpkin to perhaps the last of the festivals. To his and everybody else's surprise, it weighed in at 1,010 pounds.

Picture, compliments of Bob Attaway, Flowery Branch, Ga.

Al Eaton of Richmond, Ontario, Canada placed second with a 1,009.5 pound pumpkin at.the Ottawa-Saint Lawrence Growers weighoff in 1999.

Picture, compliments of Don Eisenhaur Derry, NH

Steve Connally of Sharon, Ma brought his 1009.5 pound pumpkin to the Topsfield, Ma. GPC weighoff (2000).

Topsfield is one of the largest festivals with over 100 entries each year. This pumpkin is Topsfield's first entrant into "Club 1000".

Joe Scherber of Wheatridge, Colorado with a 1,009.2 pound pumpkin on October 7, 2000.
Kevin Brown and his father in-law drove several hours from Milan, Pa. to the WPC weigh off in Clarence, New York on September 30, 2000. He took third place with a pumpkin weighing 1,007 pounds.
Bill Greer of Picton, Ontario, Canada joined Club 1000 with a 1,006 pound pumpkin.
Wes Dwelly of Oakham, Ma pulled a 1002 lb. pumpkin from his patch in 2001. This is Wes and his son Greg.

Also see Club Records by State

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