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Giant Pumpkin Organizations

There are pumpkin growing groups all over the world. Most highlight Giant Pumpkin Weigh-offs. But many also have competitions for squash, other pumpkins varieties, watermelon, and especially other "Large" vegetables and plants like 20 feet high corn and sunflower stalks.


  1. World Pumpkin Confederation(WPC)
  2. Greater Pumpkin Commonwealth(GPC)
  3. Independent Pumpkin Festivals
  4. Vermont Giant Vegetable Growers Association


  1. Yugoslav Gourd Lovers Society located at "Gourds by Jeanie".
  2. Australasian Giant Pumpkin and Vegetable Society (AGPVS)  There are lots for growers from "Down Under".
  3. Germany Giant Pumpkin Growers Association (GGPGA)
  4. Giant Vegetable Growers of Ontario (GVGO) - A group of growers intent on uniting fellow growers, and promoting the hobby by helping others.
  5. Pniel Pumpkin Planters Association This is South Africa's pumpkin growers association. They are looking to make big things happen (err grow) in the world of giant pumpkins. They have a contact page if you want to send an email.

Do you know or belong to an organization that is not on the list above? If so, please write to us so we can add it. If there is a website, please provide the URL and we will be glad to reference it for you. Any information you provide will help us to better describe it to visitors of this site.


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