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pumpkin, carving, knives, knife, kits, kit
Light pumpkins safely

Halloween Pumpkin Carving  Knives

pumpkin, carving, knife, knives, battery, operated, carver, carvers

When it comes to ease of pumpkin carving, nothing beats a battery operated pumpkin carving knife. It takes the work out of pumpkin carving parties, leaving the "fun" in.

Pumpkin Masters battery operated pumpkin knives are both fast and easy to use. When the little ones get tired of carving their pumpkins, you can quickly finish the job.

This battery operated pumpkin carver has interchangeable tools: one saw and one power poker.

Get the tools to make pumpkin carving a cinch! Buy Now!

Pumpkin Power Scoop

pumpkin, scoop, battery, operated

Here's another great pumpkin carving tool, to take the work out of carving. The Power scoop makes cleaning out your pumpkin much easier. The rotating head powers out seeds and strings. It also can be used to easily thin the walls prior to carving.

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Also see: Pumpkin Carving Kits - more kits and stencils than you'll find anywhere!

Jello Molds- They're the rage at Halloween parties. Candy molds, muffin molds, and pretzel molds, too

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Spooktacular Halloween parties: Halloween  decorating and party supplies, pumpkin carving supplies, lighting, more. Great selection, great prices...... TGN"s Pumpkin Nook!

Buy Jack O Lantern pumpkin seeds a huge variety of pumpkin seeds.

Jack O Lantern Pumpkin Carving kits and patterns Pumpkin carving tools, carving kits, and knives.      

pumpkin, carving, kits, knives, knife, patterns, stencils
Pumpkin Carving

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