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About Us

We are dedicated to everything there is to know, do and say about pumpkins.

On our website, you can learn, read and enjoy all about :

  • How to grow pumpkins (Big pumpkins, small pumpkins, matter of fact all pumpkins)

  • Carving pumpkins, including kits and stencils

  • Recipes galore -  The largest collection anywhere!

  • Cooking and eating pumpkins, a plethora of recipes and canning information

  • Pumpkin Seeds

  • Pumpkin songs to sing

  • Pumpkin games

  • The History of Pumpkins

  • Halloween

  • Thanksgiving

  • Find just about everything else there is to know about pumpkins, from all over the world.

Note: We provide both the serious and the humorous side of pumpkins. This site strives to be informative, in a light hearted manner. As a Pumpkin shrine and library, we seek to be both comprehensive and unique. To borrow a phrase, our Motto is: "We will leave no pumpkin unturned in our research efforts."

About the Author:

I have been growing pumpkins since I was a wee little lad. Which, by the way, was a long, long time ago. Friends and family members will attest that Halloween is my favorite holiday. This website is the direct result of two hobbies running amuck, as I am both an avid gardener and an internet fanatic.

I do not profess to know everything there is to know about gardening. I continue to read, experiment, listen and learn as much as I can about gardening, especially growing pumpkins. It is with this knowledge, and a whole lot of fanatical zeal and intensity, that I created this site and share with you, our visitors.

Contact Us:

Bob Matthews

Premier Star Company

94 Northwood Drive

Rochester, N.Y. 14612

Email: Contact Bob

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