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Pumpkin Diaries

Growing pumpkins is great fun. But there is a whole lot more than just growing them. Some of the fun come from sharing your experiences with others. Keeping a diary is a great way of doing this. New growers use it as a form of bible and learn the tricks of the trade a whole lot quicker. If I have helped even one of you by learning something from one of the logs linked below, then I feel really good and have a sense of accomplishment. In addition, all growers can compare their results to yours. If you have a good year, you have bragging rights and a diary is a great vehicle.

Diaries and growth logs are also important tools in the process of growing. In future years, you can go back to the diaries to see what you did or didn't do and discover what went well and what went not so well. Diaries remind you of the little things, like to take pictures from time to time.

Some of us go to further extremes by charting the pumpkin's growth on a chart. This provides a visual impression of how well the plant is doing and after the curve starts to slow, you can begin to guess where the final weight may be. I use it to dream......"If it continues on this curve for forty one more growing days, then......."  Use caution when measuring your fruit as they can be scarred and damaged easily.

Note: While these diaries are quite dated, the process and steps for growing pumpkins remains the same.


Here are my logs for this year and last as well as a growth chart:

2001 Diary After an off year in 2000, 2001 will be a record year for me!

2000 Growth Log  Visit frequently and learn how the new world record pumpkin is currently doing.

1998 Growth Log My best log, complete with pictures of the season.

1997 Growth Log


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