Pumpkin Lesson Plan

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This article provides tools and resources to help create a pumpkin lesson plan  Specifically, these resources assist hard working teachers and educators in their classroom preparation. 

In addition, it helps help mom and dad to educate their little goblins and monsters on everything about pumpkins.

Pumpkins lesson plans at your fingertips.

Pumpkin Exploration An Elementary Activity

Educational Information and Links:

Pumpkin Anatomy –  Do you know all the parts? There are several.

Pumpkin Nutrition – In addition to being tasty, pumpkins are healthy for you.

The History of the Jack O’Lantern – Find out how the Jack O’Lantern came to be.

Halloween Games for Kids – Here’s many games for play time and party time fun.

Thanksgiving Information Everything teachers need to instruct about Thanksgiving.

Why are Pumpkins Orange? – Indeed, this is an excellent question.

Pumpkin Lesson Plan - Mexican Traditions

Dio de Los Muesrtos – is a holiday in Mexico.

In English, it’s called “The Day of the Dead”. On this day Mexicans honor the dead. It is celebrated on November 1 for children and November 2 for adults.

Believe it or not, Dio de Los Muertos is a festive, not morbid holiday. Symbols of the day includes skeletons and of course pumpkins!

Also, check out Craft Project ideas, too.

Recipes for Cooking and Baking

Pumpkin Recipes – Indeed, over 140 recipes and still growing

Halloween Party Recipes – Put the icky, gross and gory into your party.

TGN’s Garden Recipes – You grow them all season. Now, you cook and bake your harvest.

Apple recipes – Let’s cook and bake with apples.

Holiday Recipes – All sort of recipes for all sorts of holidays.

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