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Pumpkin Names

Ah!! The blessed moment has finally arrived!!. You have carefully pollinated your female pumpkin and a tiny baby fruit is beginning to grow! If you haven't done so already, you should now select a name for your baby.

Selection of a name should not be taken likely. It is healthy and part of the bonding It has been statistically proven that baby pumpkins will respond to the name you have selected and tend to take on the characteristics of the name. Never, for example, name your baby "Slim".

Here is a helpful guide to naming your baby pumpkin . While we have presented this in a light-hearted fashion, we do encourage others to name their fruit. It's all part of the fun and enjoyment of growing "The Big One!"

I've already picked my choices for next year. I have seeds from a 500 pound parent who is beautifully round with a good orange color. I am planning to buy seeds from the biggest genetics I can. They tend to be ugly. The names? You guessed it: "Beauty" and "The Beast".

Great Pumpkin Names:

Baby Huey This is the only known pumpkin name where "Baby" can be used.
Hugo This name speaks for itself. Any pumpkin with this name will not be a wimp.
Big Ben Another name that speaks for itself.
Big Bertha An excellent choice if you don't know anyone named Bertha.
Big Boy Goes along with the "Big ---" theme, "Big" anything usually produces good results.
Big Foot A favorite on the west coast
Brutus Big and mean, a dude with a 'tude.
Dino As in big as a dinosaur
Faith For those who truly believe in the "Big Guy"
Fertile Myrtle If seeds is what you are after, this name's for you.
Frankenstein A certain winner of the "Ugliest Pumpkin" award at your local weigh-off
Godzilla A favorite among Japanese growers
Goliath This is one of the authors favorites
Granddaddy The Granddaddy of them all
Hope A rather optimistic name. Growers selecting this name will buy a Fork Truck in May.
Incredible Hulk This will produce favorable results, but pumpkins will have a slightly green hue.
Jabba the Glut ....Our version of Jabba the Hut
King Kong No question this is a classic name for a big fella
Lucky The only problem with this name is it takes more than luck to grow Atlantic Giants
Lunker You will not be able to net a beast with this name. On the downside, a slightly fishy smell.
Max This name speaks for itself. However, avoid "Maximilian" as it is too formal.
Mighty Mabel Already in Guinness, a pumpkin of this name could sail the Seven Seas
Peter the Great
Porky As in pig....or hog. Atlantic Giants are real water and nutrient hogs.
Sasquatch He's another biggie. Warning: This pumpkin could turn out hairy.
Sparky He'll come to life in a big way.
Tarzan Big, tough and swings on vines.
Titan A giant of a pumpkin in any patch
Underdog Everybody roots for the underdog and "they try harder"
Venus Named after the Goddess of love, proper pollination is guaranteed.

Names to Avoid:

Barney Avoid this name unless you want a purple pumpkin. Barney, as in Fife, was no mammoth.
David David slew Goliath(a great pumpkin name), David was much smaller.
Dumbo While you are not looking for IQ, Dumbo was small for his species
Frosty It's true that Frosty is big and round, but pumpkins do not like frost.
Gentle Ben There is nothing gentle about Atlantic Giants, try "Big Ben"
Mighty Mouse The last pumpkin to have this name grew strong, but small.
Old Jim Avoid any use of the word old as things slow down as they get old.
Peter Avoid any indication or suggestion that growth might "peter" out.
Popeye Tough, but too small.
Sasquatch Sounds too much like a squash.
Slim Jim Avoid using the word "Slim" in any part of the name.
Tiny Tim Avoid any reference to "Tiny". Also, may have pollination problems with this name.


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