How To Make Pumpkin Rum Mousse Recipe

Pumpkin Variety

Pumpkin Rum Mousse Description

As they say “there’s always rom for Jell-O”. Likewise, there’s always room for pumpkin rum mousse. It’s a light and flavorful dessert.

Number of Servings: Eight


1cupCanned Pumpkin
1 envelopeUnflavored Gelatin
2/3 cupsSugar
4Eggs, beaten
1/4 cupRum
1/2 teaspoonCinnamon
1/2 teaspoonGinger
1/4 teaspoonMace
1/4 teaspoonGround Cloves
1 cupHeavy Cream
 Whipped Cream
 Nuts- Almonds

Pumpkin Rum Mousse Recipe Directions:

  1. Warm the rum and eggs in a small sauce pan.
  2. Slowly add in gelatin, stirring constantly.
  3. Heat and stir until gelatin is completely dissolved. Set aside and allow to cool slightly.
  4. In a  large mixing bowl, gradually add the sugar and beat for 3 to 4 minutes until it is thick and light.
  5. In a second bowl, combine and mix pumpkin, cloves, cinnamon, ginger and mace.
  6. Combine the rum gelatin and the egg mixtures, stirring well.
  7. Gently add in the heavy cream.
  8. Pour into small serving dishes. (Or, pour into glass baking dish)
  9. Refrigerate for several hours until firm or overnight.
  10. Decorate with whipped Cream and nuts.

Serving Tips and Suggestions:

  • Add a cherry on top for color and decoration.
  • Top with blueberries

Both of these fruit add splendid color contrast to white of Whipped Cream, but do not take away from the pumpkin flavor.

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