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Thanksgiving Holiday Stuff-abration!

Turkey animated

The Pilgrims knew how to do Thanksgiving right..... with lots of turkey and pumpkins! We hope you eat plenty of both........we certainly will. 

All of us at Pumpkin Nook, wish you a very filling and blessed Thanksgiving. Like you, at this time, we thank God for his many blessings,  that he has placed upon us and our country.

Turkey Pilgrim

Fun, Fun, Fun!

Turkey Trivia - from our sister site

Fortune Turkey - And you thought the
Fortune Pumpkin was wild.

Fun Stuff -  Take a minute or two and just have some online fun

Scarecrow Trivia

Let's Eat!

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Butternut Squash
Homemade Cornbread
Cranberry Sauce
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Traditional Pumpkin Pie
Turkey Dressing
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Thanksgiving Traditions and History

The Pumpkin Connection

Thanksgiving Info and Factioids - Let's learn about Thanksgiving traditions

Teacher's Page - help for lesson plans

About Scarecrows

Just for Kids

Thanksgiving for Kids

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Harry Potter has made Pumpkin Milkshakes famous. Find his recipe.

Did you Know? 1947 was the first time a Presidential pardon was ceremoniously given to a turkey. More Turkey Trivia

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Halloween Decorating
and Pumpkin Carving

Halloween Jello Molds

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