Growing Pumpkins Big and Small

Fall Pumpkins

Growing pumpkins is loads of fun. Want to grow the biggest and best pumpkins in your neighborhood? Whether you are growing giant pumpkins, Jack O’Lanterns, or miniature Jack B. Little pumpkins, we’ve got plenty of tips and “how to grow” information. So, you can grow big and beautiful pumpkins that will be the envy of your neighbors and gardening friends.

Growing Pumpkins - Garden Preparation and Early Growth

Preparing the Pumpkin Patch:

How to Improve Your Garden Soil
Seed Starting Dates – start seeds at the ideal planting time

Pumpkin Calendar – Schedule and Timeline

Chronology – for growing Giant pumpkins
Site Selection
Preparing the Pumpkin Patch – provide a rich, fertile planting site for your plants
Soil Preparation – because big pumpkins need rich and healthy soil
Amendments and Mulch for Healthy Soil
Ideal Soil pH Level – so your pumpkins can reach their full potential
Fertilizers and Micro-nutrients
Garden Manure

Selecting Seeds / Seed Starting:

All About Seeds
Varieties of Pumpkin
Miniature Pumpkins
Pumpkin Seeds- Buying, Saving, Selection, Storage
Genetics – for giant growers
Germination and Seed Sprouting – because successful germination is step one
Seedling Care and Nurturing
Indoor or Outdoor Starts – for a fast and healthy start

Early Growth and Development:

Fueling Pumpkin Plant growth
Planting and Transplanting Pumpkins, Early Season Care
Promoting Secondary Roots
Foliar Feeding
Plant Disease Problems
Pruning Vines

Pollination, Fruit Set and Early Growth

Pumpkin Growing - Harvesting and Storage

Harvesting Pumpkins it’s the best part of growing them
Pumpkin Picking Tips
Ripening Green Pumpkins– How to
Storage You grew it, can you keep it until Halloween?
Fall Cleanup
Interesting Articles and Other
Milk-Fed Pumpkins – fact or myth!?
Bonding a little gardening humor
Cloning A novel way to grow pumpkins
Festivals – and time to show-off your giant fruit
Pumpkin Carving
Games using Pumpkins
Pumpkin recipes – finally, the pleasure of eating pumpkins
Terminology – understanding those strange terms.
Plant Problems – Help when you need it
The Growing Community

Giant Pumpkins – Every pumpkin grower feels the urge to grow a giant pumpkin at least once in their lives. Those who try, often are hooked for life. The challenge of growing giant pumpkins is huge, the effort is huge, and yet the urge to do so is simply irresistible. Learn how to grow giant pumpkins now.

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