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Pumpkin Fun for Everyone

We’ve got pumpkin fun for just about everyone, young or old.

Enjoy our growing list of pumpkin fun, trivia and humor. Enjoy our own unique creations, as well as links to others. We continually scour the net and other sources for other sources of novel and unique pumpkin humor. As a result, you’ll have loads have fun surfing through all this neat stuff.

Unique Pumpkin Fun for a Good Laugh

For Patriotic Pumpkin Fans:

Pumpkin Fun - and the laughs go on and on......

  • Fortune Pumpkin Do you dare to let the Great Pumpkin tell your fortune?
  • Visit our Shrine to Pumpkins.
  • Bonding with your plants is scientifically proven. And, it produces bigger and healthier pumpkins.
  • Pumpkinomics: This is a must for pumpkin growers, to identify how much profit you will make growing “The Big One!”
  • How many languages can you say Pumpkins?!?
  • Quotables- See our growing list of quips, quotes, books, movies and famous novels
  • Read about Dissidents Among Us, Yes, although it is hard to believe, not everyone puts Pumpkins on a Pedestal.
  • Naming Your Baby Selecting the right name for your baby is essential for it’s growth and development.
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