Pumpkin Are Orange - A Humorous Book by Jack Breckenridge

“Pumpkins are Orange” is a hilarious book about growing giant pumpkins. If you’ve ever grown a giant pumpkin, you know how easy it is to become fanatical about growing “the big one”.

Jack Breckenridge is the author. He is a wonderful gentleman.

When we began to create this website, I had the distinct pleasure of talking to Jack a few times. He displayed a wonderful personality. Jack encouraged me in my efforts to create Pumpkin Nook. In doing so, he created the two funny comics below. It was Jack’s way of encouraging me the “Keep up the good work”. 

.Ps You have to be an avid giant pumpkin grower to appreciate the humor of these two comics.

Pumpkin Funnies
Pumpkin Comic

We thank Jack Breckenridge, author of “Pumpkins Are Orange” for these funnies.

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