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There's pumpkin or two growing out in your pumpkin patch. How great is that!? Our focus turns from making babies (pumpkins) to putting on the pounds....lots of them. It's so exciting to watch your future Jack O'Lanterns quickly swell into bright, giant pumpkins right before your eyes. The speed of their growth is simply amazing.

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Ask any kid, and he or she will tell you they want a big, big pumpkin. You must deliver. Your mission, should you choose to accept it(and you have), is to fuel the growth of your fruit to produce the biggest pumpkins you've ever seen. In August, you also need to be diligent and guard against insects and plant disease, especially powdery mildew.

Here are some tips for adding lots of weight to your pumpkins:

Keep your patch well watered.

Turn over a spadeful of soil. Is it moist down several inches? Great! More on watering pumpkins.

Add a layer of compost.

This feeds the plant, helps to retain soil moisture, and helps to keep weeds down.

Big pumpkins have big appetites.

Use regular applications of fertilizer. More on fertilizers.

Tender loving care.

Maintain the health of your plants. Keep a vigilant eye for insect problems and plant disease. Apply insecticides and fungicides before problems arise.

Cover the vines with garden soil.

This promotes secondary root growth, and results in much bigger pumpkins.

How to grow pumpkins.

Get more on how to grow pumpkins.

Fall Festival and Weigh-Offs

COVID-19 Update: COVID-19 may cause the cancellation of some festivals again this year. Contact your local site for festival and weigh off dates and times.

Find Fall Festivals and Weigh offs - some are held late August.

List your weigh off - Finding information on pumpkin weigh offs and festivals is a lot of work. If you are an organizer, or have information about a local weigh off, please let us know. Email Pumpkin Weigh off Information.


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Is it fact or fiction!?!

This question is often asked during August and early September, when pumpkin growing focuses upon providing the ideal conditions for maximizing the weight of your fruit.

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Pumpkins are everywhere!

We've discovered pumpkins growing on six of seven continents, all except Antarctica. Like you, gardeners of the world grow them for food and for fun. Can you guess where this pumpkin patch is?

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Growing pumpkins is fun.

Like other gardening activities, researchers tell us its therapeutic. Eating pumpkins is healthy for you. Add a little pumpkin to your diet all year long.

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Quote of the Day:

To err is human, a pumpkin is 'Da Vine!

Todays Quiz Question:

Which colors are pumpkin colors?

  • A. Orange
  • B. White
  • C. Blue
  • D. Green
  • E. Red
  • F. Yellow

Find the Answers

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