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Growing Pumpkins in 2023

Pumpkin Seedling

Preparing the Pumpkin Patch

At some point this month, almost every pumpkin grower will finally be able to get out into the pumpkin patch to begin getting it ready for the season. It is a very important time for growing pumpkins. Everything you can do to improve and enrich the soil will reward you in September, with more and bigger pumpkins. There are plenty of natural, organic materials and soil amendments, that you can add in ample amounts. How to improve and enrich your garden soil.

Is the soil in your pumpkin patch perfectly balanced for your pumpkin plants? If you do not know the answer to this question, it is time to perform a soil test. Then, you will know if you need to correct the soil pH level. See Pumpkin Patch Soil ph.

Once you get out into the pumpkin patch to work and improve the soil, you will undoubtedly get the urge to start planting. However, you must resist that urge if the last frost date in your area has not passed. Pumpkin plants are tender annuals. Frost will kill them. And, cold nights can stunt their growth. While you anxiously await the last frost date, you can turn your attention to cold weather crops. Seed Starting Dates

If you haven’t acquired your pumpkin seeds yet, now is the time to do so.   As the spring season progress, some stores will begin to run out of certain varieties. Seed supplies are much better this year than in the past couple of years. But, why risk finding out that your favorite variety is sold out!? Online Garden Seed & Supplies.

Gardening Tip

In addition to surfing all the online seed-selling sites, contact fellow pumpkin growers. Contact garden organizations in your area. Most importantly, check out the giant pumpkin growing organizations online, the ones that hold giant pumpkin weigh-offs. They can be a great source of giant pumpkin seeds with great genetics, as well as different and unique seeds. Check out giant pumpkin organizations today.  

Growing Giant Pumpkins

Every pumpkin grower feels the urge to grow a giant pumpkin at least once in their lives. Those who try, often are hooked for life. The challenge is huge. While there are many varieties out there, we highly recommend you look for Dill’s Atlantic Giant pumpkin seeds, the granddaddy of them all. Check out the giant pumpkin growing organizations online, the ones that hold giant pumpkin weigh-offs. They can be a great source of giant pumpkin seeds with great genetics, as well as different and unique seeds. More on Growing Giant Pumpkins

Pumpkin Patch Plants

The Focus turns to Planting Pumpkin Seeds and Seed Germination

The Focus right now is about to turn from seed acquisition to seed germination. Will you directly sow pumpkin seeds into the garden? Or, will you start them indoors?  Early starts are best begun indoors, where temperature and soil moisture can be best controlled. For bigger varieties, like the Atlantic Giant, we absolutely encourage you to start your plants indoors. Providing bottom heat with a germination mat is also recommended. It results in faster and more successful seed germination.  More on Seed Germination

Test your soil. The very best gardens begin with ideal soil pH and fertilizer. April is the perfect time to test your soil. Do this twice: before and after you prepare the pumpkin patch for the season. See Pumpkin Patch Soil pH.

Ask any kid, and he or she will tell you they want a big, big pumpkin. You must deliver. Your mission, should you choose to accept it(and you have), is to fuel the growth of your fruit to produce the biggest pumpkins you've ever seen. In August, you also need to be diligent and guard against insects and plant disease, especially powdery mildew.

Here are some tips for adding lots of weight to your pumpkins:

Keep your patch well watered.

Turn over a spadeful of soil. Is it moist down several inches? Great! More on watering pumpkins.

Add a layer of compost.

This feeds the plant, helps to retain soil moisture, and helps to keep weeds down.

Big pumpkins have big appetites.

Use regular applications of fertilizer. More on fertilizers.

Tender loving care.

Maintain the health of your plants. Keep a vigilant eye for insect problems and plant disease. Apply insecticides and fungicides before problems arise.

Cover the vines with garden soil.

This promotes secondary root growth, and results in much bigger pumpkins.

How to grow pumpkins.

Get more on how to grow pumpkins.

What Colors are Pumpkin Colors?

White Pumpkins

Todays’ Quiz question: Pumpkins come in many colors. Which colors are pumpkin colors?
A. Orange
B. White
C. Blue
D. Green
E. Red
F. Yellow

Find the Answers

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Pumpkin Frequently Asked Questions

Pumpkins and Your Health

Growing pumpkins is fun. Like other gardening activities, researchers tell us its therapeutic. Eating pumpkins is healthy for you. Add a little pumpkin to your diet all year long.

More on Pumpkins and Your Health

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