Pumpkin Chili Recipe


Pumpkin Chili Description

Autumn brings a cold, chill in the air. It gets colder as each day passes. Warm up by the fireside with this pumpkin chili recipe

This chili is different and it’s nutritious. It will warm you up on a cool, Fall day. Try this recipe for a Saturday or Sunday football game.


2cupsFresh or Canned Pumpkin
3 poundsLean Ground Beef
2cansRed Kidney Beans
2Medium Onions- chopped
3 cansCut Tomatoes , 15 ounce
2 tablespoonsChili Powder
1/4teaspoonRed Pepper(Optional)
2 tablespoonsSugar
1 teaspoonSalt
2Bay Leaves
1 cupMushrooms(optional)

Pumpkin Chili Recipe Directions:

  1. Brown ground beef and drain off excess fat.
  2. Put ground beef into a large pot.
  3. Add each ingredient into the pot.
  4. Cook on low for one to two hours.
  5. Serve with crackers.

Recipe Suggestion: If you have your own chili recipe, use that and just add the pumpkin.

Serving Tips and Suggestions:

  • Serve with hot bread. Try garlic bread.
  • Use smaller amounts of red pepper and chili powder while cooking. Leave it on the table for those with hotter taste buds. You will find small children will more likely eat it if it is not so hot.

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