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Pumpkins Fudge Description

This is the most asked for recipe that I have. Anyone who has tasted it says pumpkin fudge is outstanding!

Contributed by: Many thanks to Lucy Napier from Sand Springs, OK


1 CupMilk
3 CupsSugar
3 TablespoonsLight Corn Syrup
1/2 CupPumpkin
1/2 TeaspoonCinnamon
1/2 TeaspoonAllspice
4 TablespoonsMargarine
1 TeaspoonVanilla

Pumpkin Fudge Recipe Directions:

  • Combine milk, sugar, corn syrup, pumpkin, and salt in a large pan.
  • Cook over medium heat until boiling, stirring constantly.
  • When mixture comes to a full boil, reduce heat and simmer until mixture comes to the softball stage.
  • Remove from heat.
  • Beat in cinnamon, allspice, margarine, and vanilla.
  • Cool, then beat until thick and mixture looses it’s gloss.
  • Spoon into buttered dish.

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