Pumpkin Chunkin

Pumpkin Chunkin Machine

Pumpkin Chunkin is serious business.

So, how far can you hurl a pumpkin!? Just when you thought you’d heard of everything, along comes a bunch of people trying to toss pumpkins farther than anyone else in the world. Pumpkin Chunkin is the highly competitive business of lofting a pumpkin in the air as far a possible.

Also called “Pumpkin Chuckin”, it began decades ago, with people tossing them as far as they can with just brute force.  Then, machines began to be used to hurl them further and further. Today,  powerful air cannons are used.

 Fall Festivals are held every Autumn, with the specific goal of chuckin a pumpkin further than anyone else. This contest is a very serious competition.  Competitors spend mega bucks, to pitch a pumpkin with an air cannon as far as it will go.

Pumpkin Cannon

About Pumpkin Chunkin

An air cannon, and a huge one at that. Often, there is a target like an old car, placed far away in an open field. These air cannons to toss pumpkins thousands of feet away. 

Chucking or tossing them greater and greater distances, is limited by the pumpkin itself. Air cannons are almost unlimited in their ability to hurl items further and further. Rather, the challenge is to find a pumpkin hard enough to withstand the pressure of the launch without pulverizing it.

See the Current world records.

Major competitions are held Nassau, Delaware and Morton Illinois. Contests can also be found at fall festivals all over the country. Pumpkin Chunkin festivals have multiple categories for kids and adults.

For the Record.....

Pumpkin Chuckin

The world record stands at  5,545.43 feet, more than a mile away!

An air cannon named “Big 10 Inch” set this record at Moab, Utah, on September 9, 2010. 

People try to break the record every year. Without a doubt, it will happen. It’s just a matter of time. 

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