Worms in Blood Recipe for Halloween

Happy Holidays

Worms in Blood Recipe Description:

Hot diggety dog! You’re just gonna love this Worms in Blood recipe.

This one is really well received at Halloween parties. It is very easy to make. Give it a try at your party this year!

Use this recipe for more than Halloween parties. It goes well at any party where a little “gory and gross” is appropriate.

Contributed by: Chrissie


Hot dogs (turkey or regular)

Hamburger buns

Ketchup or barbecue sauce

Bat's Eyes Recipe Directions:

  • Slice hot dogs into quarters, length-wise.
  • Heat hot dogs in a skillet with a little non-stick cooking oil. Or, boil them in water until they curl.
  • Serve on Hamburger buns
  • Top with ketchup or barbecue sauce.

May we suggest washing this treat down with a little Witches Brew ?


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