Pumpkin Fruit Development and Growth

Baby Pumpkin Fruit

With baby pumpkins on the vine, the name of the game is pumpkin fruit development.

You’ve got pumpkins! There’s baby pumpkins growing on the vine. They are getting noticeably bigger every day.  You’ve done everything right so far. Now, give yourself a pat on the back. With that done, it’s time to turn your attention to pumpkin fruit development. Learn all you can, so you can grow them as big as they can be. To produce the really big ones, you need to keep your plant healthy. You will need to be vigilant, protecting both plant and fruit from harm. 

Here’s the information you will need during this important fruit growth stage of pumpkin growing………

Disease and Bacterias – How to treat and avoid plant disease, most notably powdery mildew.
Vine Care and Maintenance – It’s your fruit’s umbilical cord… it’s lifeline.
Those Pesky Bugs – Learn about insects and insecticides
Fertilization – Fuel the growth of your fruit.
Protection– Sun, Wind, and Hail cam damage your plant and fruit.
Water – Pumpkins need lots and lots of water
Positioning of Fruit and Vine – Important for giant pumpkins, to protect the vine and stem from damage.
Number of Pumpkins to Keep – One or two big ones, or several, smaller ones?
Fruit Selection – for giant growers
Dill Rings – for giant pumpkin growers

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