Pumpkin Pollination and Fruit Set

Pumpkin Flower, Female

The pumpkin pollination and fruit set period is an exciting and anxious time. Watching a pumpkin growing on the vine is a great thrill. To see this happen, you need flowers, bees and a little help from Mother Nature.

When flowers don’t appear, or pollination isn’t occurring as we think it should, growers worry, fret, and search for the reason why.  

Basics of Pumpkin Pollination

Here’s the basics for successfully pollinating pumpkins on the vine:

Pumpkin Flowers – Learn about male and female flowers, see pumpkin flower pictures
Pollination – Sex and the single pumpkin.
FAQS: Pollination Problems – How to identify and correct pollination problems
Fruit Set – Learn what this means.
Naming Your Pumpkin – It’s part of the fun of pumpkin growing.
The Role of Phosphorous – It helps pumpkin plants (and all plants), to produce flowers.
Insects, Insecticides and Pollination – What you need to know, and how to defend against them

Growing World Record Giant Pumpkins

Giant Pumpkins Mathison 2032

Every pumpkin grower feels the urge to grow a giant pumpkin at least once in their lives. Those who try, are usually hooked for life. The challenge of growing giant pumpkins is huge and irresistible. The rewards are enormous.

Huw to Grow Giant Pumpkins

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