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All About Pumpkin Seeds for Growing

Here's the basics for getting your seeds sprouted, and the pumpkin patch ready for spring planting:

Varieties of Pumpkins  - You might be surprised at how many varieties exist, giant pumpkins, miniatures, more.
Miniature Pumpkins  - They're little, fitting in the palm of your hand. And, they're so cute.
Pumpkin Seeds- Buying, Saving, Selection and Storage - Learn how to save and store pumpkin seeds.
Genetics - This is very important for giant growers
Germination and Seed Sprouting - How to germinate and sprout pumpkin seeds.
Seedling Care and Nurturing - Early care information for your seedlings, so they get off to a good start.
Indoor or Outdoor Starts - Determine whether to start seeds indoors, or sow them directly into your garden. Note: we recommend an indoor start for giant pumpkins.


More Information:

Giant Pumpkins- Every pumpkin grower feels the urge to grow a giant pumpkin at least once in their lives. Those who try, often are hooked for life. The challenge of growing giant pumpkins is huge and irresistible. The rewards are enormous.


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