Pumpkin Seeds - All About Varieties and Seed Starting

Pumpkin Seeds Germination

Pumpkin seeds is where it all starts. Getting off to a good start is essential for a successful growing season.

Seemingly, it’s as simple as planting seeds in the ground. But, there’s plenty to think about and do. This is especially true for giant pumpkin growers, who seek every competitive edge they can get.

Basics on Pumpkin Seeds

Here’s the basics for getting your seeds sprouted, and the pumpkin patch ready for spring planting:

Varieties of Pumpkins  – You might be surprised at how many varieties exist, giant pumpkins, miniatures, more.
Miniature Pumpkins  – They’re little, fitting in the palm of your hand. And, they’re so cute.
Seeds- Buying, Saving, Selection and Storage – Learn how to save and store seeds.
Genetics – This is very important for giant growers
Germination and Seed Sprouting – How to germinate and sprout pumpkin seeds.
Seedling Care and Nurturing – Early care information for your seedlings, so they get off to a good start.
Indoor or Outdoor Starts – Determine whether to start seeds indoors, or sow them directly into your garden. Note: we recommend an indoor start for giant pumpkins.

Growing World Record Giant Pumpkins

Giant Pumpkins Mathison 2032

Every pumpkin grower feels the urge to grow a giant pumpkin at least once in their lives. Those who try, are usually hooked for life. The challenge of growing giant pumpkins is huge and irresistible. The rewards are enormous.

Giant Pumpkins, The World’s Biggest Fruit

How to Grow Giant Pumpkins – By The Gardener’s Network

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