Ideal Pumpkin Soil pH

Soil pH Tester

Providing Ideal Pumpkin Soil pH for Your Plants

Every plant has an ideal soil pH range for optimum growth and plant health. Outside of this range, plant health and growth is affected. When soil is too far outside the range, plants will not grow. The ideal pumpkin soil pH range is 5.5 – 7.5.

Specifically, the perfect  pH is right i the middle of the range. So, try to get a pH  reading of 6.5.

pH levels can vary across your garden. So, use an electronic soil tester to check a few spots in your pumpkin patch.

Tip: You should check your soil pH level after adding things to improve your soil.

 More on soil pH – learn about soil pH, and find the proper level for a wide variety of plants.

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