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Readers Comments

Here are some comments and excerpts from readers:

"This site, and your willingness to answer questions, are fabulous!" Patience Van Zandt

" I just wanted to say thanks for making my first attempt at growing pumpkins a great success. Your website made the difference." Linda Z. 'O'Halloran, Ireland

"Bob, Thank you! And thank you for the wonderful pumpkin site." Freda

"I am down under in Australia..Just came across your excellent site and I am about to try a few of your recipes. I have been given this absolutely huge pumpkin and now have a few ideas on what to do with it...I just had to let you know that your site is fantastic...easy to navigate and the recipes look great."  Many thanks from Oz    - - Pamela Brown

"What a fabulous site! ............ I wanted to find tidbits of interesting information about pumpkins to incorporate into my upcoming page on local pumpkin patches. I never thought I would find so much useful information on pumpkins in one spot. Thanks! Becky G.

"Hi guys, just wanted to thank you for all the wonderful information. As a first year grower in an area that isn't known for pumpkins, your 'how to' info was our 'bible' and our first time effort produced a 286 and 269 pounder."  J. Wood, Murray, KY

Thank you for the wonderful web site and excellent information on pumpkins. I have never planted them before and the kids are so excited to be growing their own jack-o-lanterns.  Kathy H.

I have been receiving your news letter for 2 yrs. now and have never thanked you for the help that you have given me. Just a novice growing jack's and small's I am in no position for competition but my son and myself enjoy it, so THANK YOU!   Bob(and Austin) Ward, West Seneca, NY

Just wanted to let you know that your web-site is great and helpful! - Huckleberry

I have so enjoyed this web site....It is very appealing and educational as to the creative writing skill. I hope this site stays up all year............Mary s.

What a tonic, you newspage! Congratulations and good wishes from Cambridge, UK., and many thanks Reg Peplow.

I just wanted to say thanks for assembling such a informative site to reference..... Dave Potter You're welcome!

Thank you for being there. You just saved my day!! .....Anonymous

I love your site. (We do too!)Someone sent me a link to your site and I have been learning about pumpkins and loving it. Thanks again. Michelle M.

I was "surfing the net" trying to find some info. on pumpkin growing when I came across your website! How wonderful.....Anonymous

I must tell you how much I enjoy your newsletter. Halloween is my favorite holiday Donna


Your site is wonderful and I'm using it for a third-grade class that's studying pumpkin growth. RG

Thank you for all your help in my first year of growing my pumpkin crop! ..........Your help put a lot of smiles on people face this year. Tom and Tracy D.

Thanks for being there. I had lots of pumpkin seeds, two hungry girls, and no idea how to long to cook them. Now I have a recipe! Anonymous

I loved the sound of all your recipes. I have made a few and they were delicious. I intend to try them all. Now I want to ask you a question because you're a pumpkin expert....... - - Liz


First, I must tell you that your site is just fantastic. I love it. I will be returning to it often. O.K. I have a question. Anonymous

what a nice web site....well put together...entertaining too. Anonymous

Thanks for the news (PNN). As always they are a pleasure to read thru!! Dan and Beth

Thanks. I'm hoping to get a picture of Grace and Thumbellina at Halloween to email to you. We're really appreciate your help.

My giant is now 37 and 3/4 inch round and I am so excited. Anniem, a first time grower. (New growers are my favorite visitors!)

Your website is great. I just started pumpkins this year and was confused about the flowers until I read your information. Laura, Brighton, N.Y.

My pumpkin plant is doing real good you can see it git bigger each week. p.s i gust want to say ill be 13 on sep 3 99 Allen

I would like to thank you. I found your website and this was my first newsletter. I have to tell you that I learned a lot! Especially about the white powder looking stuff on the leaves. I am guilty of watering at night but WILL NOT do it anymore! Thank you very much. wish me luck it's my first time growing Atlantic giants. Wendy B.

Great newsletter!! Peter K. (We like this as it sums up what a lot of readers have said.)

Just wanted to let you know that I find your pumpkin site very helpful. I started growing pumpkins last year on accident, the previous year having thrown an old jack 'o' lantern in my garden the rest is history. This year I am growing yet another accidental pumpkin which is doing great and I am also growing a Lumina Pumpkin plant on the roof of my studio in a kiddie pool. We thought the leaves my help shade the studio when the summer days burn hot. However the leaves to the Lumina don't seem to be as large as my orange pumpkins. Rhoda J.

As a first time pumpkin experimenter, I was thrilled to see your extensive site, which answered many questions for me. Thanks, Marsha C. in Ocala, Fla.


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