Garden Soil for Growing Huge Pumpkins


Do You want great big pumpkins? Of course you do!

Garden soil must be rich in fertilizer and nutrients. For the very best pumpkins, grow them in the very best garden soil.

Replenish Garden Soil During Fall Clean-up

The best time to replenish your garden soil, is in the fall. The biggest difference between amending your soil in the Fall vs. Spring, is you can add raw and un-decomposed materials in the fall. Over the long winter, these materials break down and mix into your soil, ready to feed new plants in the spring.

As soon as you’ve harvested your pumpkins, add ample amounts of leaves, compost and raw manure. Use whatever manure you can get your hands on: cow, horse, chicken.  Work these supplements into your garden soil. A tiller works best, to mix materials into the soil. You can usually work materials deeper into the soil, with a shovel. By spring planting time these nutrient rich materials will have de-composed, and are ready to feed your hungry young pumpkin plants.


It is very important to check your soil ph. The ideal pumpkin plant soil pH range is 5.5 – 7.5. Over time, it may need to be adjusted. More on soil  ph.

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