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When it comes to parties, none are more fun than a Halloween party. Halloween parties are wildly popular with little kids, big kids, and adults. Why are they so popular? Simply because they are just for fun. While guests may not normally be inclined to go wild, a mask lets them “cut loose” and act a little crazy. Put on a mask, and ‘ya just don’t know what a person will do. As a result, Halloween parties tend to be far more memorable.

Having a successful Halloween party is relatively easy. Sure, there is planning and preparation involved. Putting up decorations and props, and making Halloween snacks and treats, are all part of the fun. A Halloween party is fun and enjoyable from the early planning stages, all the way to saying good-night to guests. See our Halloween party recipes.

Here are Halloween party ideas and suggestions to create the perfect Halloween party for any age group:

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Plan Your Halloween Parties by Age Group

1. The Wee Ones- The little goblins prefer a party with lots of action and lots of games. Also, they need planned and structured activities. Little tykes also require the most supervision, which in turns gives you the most gleeful rewards. The theme of the party should be the “friendly” side of Halloween. Ghosts and witches are okay, if they have a smiling, non-threatening appearance. Most importantly, when playing party games, make sure that everyone wins a prize.

2. Big Kids- They want  and enjoy the bizarre, the macabre, the morbid side of Halloween. Teenagers especially are looking for frights and scares. If your can scare the ‘Begeebers” out of them, you have a successful party. Teen parties require less supervision. However, they still enjoy a few games that are not “childish” in nature. Game prizes should be earned. Overall, there should be far less structured, or planned activity. A neighborhood scavenger hunt is almost always defined as “kewl” for this age group. Leave plenty of unstructured time, as this group socializes, and usually makes their own party atmosphere.

3. Adult Parties- This is often the hardest to plan for. The first party decision, is whether it will be with or without costume. Invariably, the most successful adult Halloween party is a costume affair. It sets the tone, and allows us to let our hair down and just have fun. As a matter of fact, there’s something to be said about hiding behind a mask. A game or two should not be out of the question. The “Name Game” is always a hit with adult groups. Like teenage parties, adults tend to socialize and make their own party. We do suggest you add some background music. Mix in a holiday frights sound CD along with other music suitable to the tastes of the group. However, keep the sound at a level where conversation is not impeded.

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Five Steps to a Successful Halloween Party

1. Plan in advance Like any party, you just don’t wake up in the morning and hold the party. Determine if it will it be a costume affair. We have found that a costume is best ,and sets the tone for the party. Think about how you want the party to progress. Determine in your mind, what will define a successful party. Then, go make it happen.

2.Tailor the party to the age group that will attend. This will set the tone for success. For older groups, create the opportunity to “get a little wild”.

3. Decorate, decorate, decorate. Again, decorate for the age group that will attend. This is where you have the opportunity to be creative and have fun, decorating to your hearts’ content. Your guests’ first opinion of your party is formed as they walk in and are greeted with holiday sights, frights, and sounds.

4. Food and snacks… It’s the little finishing touches on food that makes the memory. All will agree, it’s a lot of fun preparing it. Make a variety of snacks, and make plenty of it. For example, try a frozen hand in the punch bowl. It’s awesome, and easy to do. It melts quickly, so you will want to make a few. Also, avoid lots of sugary treats. Your guests come excited. With loads of sugar, they leave by climbing the walls. See our Halloween Party Recipes. and  our  Pumpkin Cookbook.

5. Games for for the right age group. This author can only think of one game that kids from 5 to 55 enjoy……..it’s the Name Game. Yes, adults play and enjoy it. Whatever games you select, make sure it’s something they can do and want to do. Teens are the hardest to please. For them, a Scavenger hunt is cool. Fortunately, this age group is best at entertaining themselves.

Make sure to have more than enough games. If the crowd doesn’t want to play them, or there isn’t enough time, don’t feel bad. A successful party is the only measure that counts.

For the little ones, everyone must win a prize. Look for games where “everyone wins”. And,  make at least one game too easy. Leave the challenging games to the teens.

More Halloween party games.

Note: Treat bags are nice. But, consider them optional. Excited kids often leave treat bags behind.

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