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You've Got Pumpkins!!

(How kewl!!!!)



There's pumpkins growing out in your pumpkin patch. How Kewl! But will they ripen in time? Sure, they will!!!!

If you still have green pumpkins in you patch, don't worry. Don't fret. Find out How to Ripen Green Pumpkins.

Heading to the 2019  Fall Festivals and Giant Pumpkin Weigh-Offs

world, record, giant, pumpkin, willemijns

Between now and late October, millions of Americans will flock to a wide variety of Fall festivals. Many of these festivals will have giant pumpkin weighoffs, pumpkin pie eating contests, and a huge array of other pumpkin related events and contests. Attempts will be made to break the world record in a number of categories.

For the record, the largest pumpkin ever grown is 2,624.6 pounds (shown above). It was grown by Mathia Willimijn of Germany. He brought his giant pumpkin to the European Championship Weigh-off on October 9, 2016. Will this record, or other records, be broken in the next few weeks? We certainly hope so. That's what its all about!

See the current  world records.

Don't let Fall go by without attending at least

Find Fall Festivals and Weighoffs


List your weighoff - Finding information on pumpkin weighoffs and festivals is a lot of work. If you are an organizer, or have information about a local weighoff, please let us know.  Email Pumpkin Weighoff Information

How to Pick the Perfect Pumpkin - Whether you are going out to a pumpkin patch, or to a roadside stand, see our pumpkin picking tips on selecting the absolutely perfect pumpkin.

Pumpkins and your health... Growing pumpkins is fun. Like other gardening activities, researchers tell us its therapeutic. Eating pumpkins is healthy for you. Add a little pumpkin to your diet all year long.

More on Pumpkins and Your Health

See a plethora of pumpkin recipes in Pumpkin Nook's Cookbook

Today's Quote:

Quote of the Day: To err is human, a pumpkin is 'Da Vine!


Todays' Quiz question: Which colors are pumpkin colors?
A. Orange
B. White
C. Blue
D. Green
E. Red
F. Yellow

Find the Answers

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