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Halloween Date - What Day of the Week Is It This Year?

Most, if not all of us, know that the date of Halloween always falls on October 31st.This date goes back hundreds of years to the Celtic celebration of All Hallow’s Eve.

The day of the week that Halloween, also called All Hallows Eve, falls on changes every year. That’s very important for Halloween party planning, as well as vacation planning. You are going to take the day off, if it falls on a weekday, aren’t you!!?? Obviously, we believe it should be a national holiday.

What day of the week is Halloween celebrated on:

  • 2021: Sunday
  • 2022: Monday
  • 2023: Tuesday
  • 2024: Thursday
  • 2025: Friday

Did you Know? Most Halloween parties are not held on October 31st. The majority of parties are held the Friday or Saturday before Halloween. Without a doubt, kids will want to go out trick or treating on Halloween night.

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