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Count Dracula

Count Dracula

Count Dracula lives in a castle in Transylvania. He is a count by day, and a vampire by night. When the moon is full,  Dracula turns into a Vampire. The original  tale of Count Dracula is not originally, or historically linked to Halloween. It is now associated with Halloween because it is a scary, horror filled tale.

Count Dracula is a European nobleman. During the day, you would never suspect him of doing sinister deeds. Visitors to his castle find him gentlemanly, polite, and even charming. He loves to charm the ladies. He is a little bit of a recluse. Dracula is not without his quirks. Most notably, Dracula has never been seen outside of his castle during daylight hours. He is never one to sport a sun tan. Rather, he avoids the sun as if his life depends upon it. That's one big sign that things might not be as they seem to be. (sunlight blinds and kills vampires) 

Nighttime is when things really turn oddly bizarre. At night, Dracula's castle is eerie and strange. Scary sounds emerge from the dark castle, especially when the moon is full. No one has actually seen Count Dracula turn into a vampire. But, vampire sightings and attacks center around his castle and the immediate vicinity.  And, no one has seen the Count at the time of vampire attacks. Rumors are flying about a possible link between the reclusive Count and the vampire sightings.

Could Count Dracula be a vampire? People have connected the dots, and arranged the clues. Here's what the locals are saying:

  • Count Dracula's evening absences mirror vampire sightings and attacks.

  • Speaking of mirrors... no one has seen him using a mirror. Oddly, he avoids mirrors, and does not have any in his castle. Vampires images do not show up in a mirror.

  • Dracula's housemaids report that his bed is never slept in....very strange indeed. (Vampires sleep in a coffin.)

Halloween Coffin

Safeguarding yourself against vampires:  There are two known protections against vampires. A religious cross, and garlic. Being demonic, vampires can not come in contact with a cross, as it will burn them. Vampires hate garlic. In older cultures, a garlic necklace was fashioned and worn around the neck. The wearer can stroll safely at night. Does it work? You risk your neck. As for me, I'm staying out in the sunlight. 

Geography Quiz: Where is Transylvania? It is a region in Romania, which is a country in Europe.


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HAlloween string

The Origin of Count Dracula:

Count Dracula is the fictional creation of English Author Bram Stoker. He wrote and published the horror novel Dracula in 1897. The basic story depicts the count as a normal nobleman by day. By night, he turns into a vampire, seeking beautiful young women as his victims. He bites their neck drawing their blood into his fangs. His victims in turn, become vampires.

Bram Stoker's "Dracula" was likely modeled after Vlad Tepes, a prince from Walachia in Transylvania. Tepes savagely murdered hundred of people in the 1400s.

HAlloween string


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