Halloween Trick or Treating

Halloween Costumes, Make-Up and Accessories

Halloween costumes, costume make-up, and accessories are a must have for Halloween parties and Halloween night. If you are going to a party or out to Trick or Treat, you absolutely must dress up in a costume. Out on the street, its “No costume, no treats”. Costumes can be friendly or scary, simple or elaborate. If you don’t have money for a costume, be creative and make your own.

Choosing the right Halloween costume and accessories, depends upon a range of factors, including the age group, your budget, comfort level, and how long you will be in the costume.

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Halloween Costumes for Kids during Parties:

Kids love to dress up for Halloween parties. Age appropriate and “In” costumes are what your kids look for. Regardless of the style, we recommend comfortable, and durable costumes. Cheap costumes rip and tear, as your child runs around during the party. A ripped costume can produce tears from a disappointed child, and cause mom or dad to rush up to the store for another costume for Halloween night.

Kids like to have a mask. But, chances are, it will be discarded on a chair shortly after the party begins. Masks quickly get hot and sweaty. A mask gets in the way during playtime. And, you can’t eat candy and snacks through a mask.

A little makeup in place of a mask, will make for a happy child.

Accessories look great upon arrival, and for a group picture. But, they will quickly be set aside while the party is “on”.

Halloween Costumes for Kids while Trick or Treating:

Buy or make Halloween costumes that your child will be comfortable wearing and running across the lawn in. We recommend a size too big, with enough room for a jacket underneath, should the weather be cold.

IMPORTANT: Add a reflective strip or two for safety.

We don’t like masks for Halloween night. We think safety first. A costume mask blocks your child’s vision to obstacles in their path. Your little tyke will be just as happy with some Halloween makeup in place of a mask.  

The only accessory we recommend is some kind of flashlight. It helps your child to see and be seen. Carrying other accessories looks great. But, it won’t be long before mom and dad are carrying them.

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Halloween Costumes for Teens:

Whether at a party, or out Trick or Treating, most teens want to wear a costume. What they don’t want, is a store bought costume. Teens prefer simple and quick. It is often comprised of old, out of style clothes found in Mom or Dad’s closets. Or, they look for ragged clothes, so they can dress like a Hobo. Remember, simple, quick, and not elaborate.


Masks are out. Teens will readily wear Halloween make-up, to dress up their costume and appearance. But, they do not want to be restricted by a mask.    

Halloween Costumes for Adults:

When it comes to adult Halloween costumes, the sky is the limit. Elaborate, pricey, scary, risque. It’s up to you and how you will use it.  We won’t elaborate. You know what you want for your party or for Halloween night.

Masks, makeup and accessories are  popular, if not a “must have”.

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