Halloween Pumpkin Carving Party Ideas

Pumpkins Carved

Having a pumpkin carving party is loads of fun.

Fall is a great time….. you and your pumpkin will enjoy every minute of it. After your pumpkin has ripened, it’s time to harvest it and put it on display. As Halloween nears, it’s time to have a pumpkin carving party, so your pumpkins will glow brightly on Halloween night! 

A pumpkin carving party can include carving, painting or decorating pumpkins. Or, all three!

Timing your pumpkin carving party is important.

They say timing is everything in life. When it comes to carving pumpkins, timing certainly is everything. While a healthy pumpkin can keep for months, once you carve your pumpkin, its days are numbered. When exposed to the air, the inside will begin to decay and turn moldy. The warmer the weather in your area, the faster this happens. In a warm environment, like your house, this may be just a matter of a couple of days. A carved pumpkin kept indoors in a warm house, will turn moldy faster than a carved pumpkin kept outdoors in cool weather.

Time your carving party, to carve your pumpkins just a couple days before Halloween. That way, your pumpkin will still be good on the big night!


Pumpkin Carving Tips: Put carved pumpkins in a cool garage or even the refrigerator overnight. They will last longer.

Preparing for your pumpkin carving party.

Pumpkins are the center of attraction at the pumpkin carving party. There are things you may want to do, and items you will want to have handy, before carving pumpkins into great works of art.

Start by considering the age of the group and  the patience level of the pumpkin carvers. Older “kids” with lots of patience, may carve their pumpkins free form. Or, they may prefer challenging, detailed stencils. See pumpkin carving kits and patterns

Younger children, and those with short attention spans, need simple patterns. Or, you may want to consider pumpkin painting. It’s quick and easy, and most kids love to paint. Another option, is to decorate pumpkins. You can also get pumpkin parts- eyes, noses and mouths that stick onto the pumpkin. This is perfect for the littlest pumpkin “carvers”.

Are you a fast pumpkin carver? Find out just how fast you need to be to become the World’s Fastest Pumpkin Carver

Select the right pumpkin patterns and stencils

Have plenty of pumpkin patterns and stencils available. Artists will have varying tastes, and skill levels. Some will want friendly patterns. For others, the more scary, the better.  Asa a result, it is important to spend a little time to choose the right ones for the carvers in your group.

More on patterns and stencils

Prepare the pumpkins ahead of time.

Cleaning out pumpkins is not fun for most carvers. For the little ones, and larger groups, it is best to prepare the pumpkins in advance. Cut off the lids. Scrape out the insides. Now, all the participant needs to do is carve the pumpkin!

Save the seeds for roasting at the party. There’s nothing better than hot, roasted pumpkin seeds, fresh out of the oven.

Eating the seeds is a fun part of your pumpkin party.

No Carving Party is complete without roasting pumpkin seeds. While everyone is busy creating works of art, roast the seeds in the oven. Then, everyone can enjoy hot, fresh and healthy pumpkin seeds.

.Ps Don’t forget the hot Mulled Apple Cider

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