Halloween Pumpkin Painting

Pumpkins Painted

Painting pumpkins is great for little tykes and artistic people.

Painted pumpkins are a neat way to decorate pumpkins, without the mess of gutting and cleaning it out. Uncarved, your painted Jack O Lantern will last much longer. 

Using paint to decorate pumpkins, keeps knives out of the hands young children. Kids in particular, enjoy painting. They seem to have more patience when painting, versus carving pumpkins.

Also, there are the artistic people among us, who are great with a paint brush. It’s easy to transfer the skill of painting on canvas to painting the face of a pumpkin.

Did You Know? You can decorate pumpkins for Thanksgiving,too!? 

Halloween Pumpkin Painting Tips:

  • Before starting to paint pumpkins, wash them off to remove any dirt. Wipe dry.

  • If they were outside in the cold, bring them in and allow them to warm to room temperature.

  • Place several layers of old newspaper on the table, to absorb paint spills.

  • Have paper towels and warm soapy water nearby, to quickly clean up spills that you just know will happen.

  • Wear old clothing, especially the younger artists.

  • Have several pumpkins handy. Pumpkin painting artists usually do not want to stop at just one pumpkin.

  • Try mixing paint colors, to produce different colors and shades.

  • Use two types of brush, a wide bush for applying paint to larger areas, and a thin brush for fine detail.

  • If you aren’t too creative or artistically inclined, use pumpkin painting stencils.

  • Have FUN!!!!!!!  … That’s what its all about.

Pumpkin Painting kits make pumpkin painting easy, even for non-artists (like me).

Skeleton Bar

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