Halloween Werewolf and the Wolfman


Beware of the werewolf on Halloween night.

Are you a Lycanthrope? If so, you are a werewolf, or a wolfman (the terms are synonymous). Werewolves are men who can transform from human form into a wolf, and back.  Lycanthropy is the process of transformation from human form to a werewolf. While in the werewolf form, this creature allegedly retains its human intelligence.

Legends and tales of werewolves and wolfmen are present in European folklore. Legends date back thousands of years. In the Middle Ages, people accused of being a werewolf, were put on trial. During trials, evidence was scant, as the human form shows no signs of being a werewolf.   

How to transform into a werewolf:

Folklore speaks to a number of ways in which a human can transform into a werewolf. Stories and legends largely agree that the transformation occurs during a full moon. They include:

  • The presence of a full moon itself brings on the transformation

  •  Magical powers, spells or ointments

  • Drinking water from the footprint of a wolf

  • Putting on a wolf skin or a wolfskin belt.

Transforming back into human form:

There are number of theories on how a werewolf transforms back into human form. They include:

  • The arrival of daylight after a full moon

  • The wolfman sees the sign of the cross

  • Saying his human name

  • Hitting the werewolf three times on the forehead.  Please do not ask me to restrain the werewolf while you try this!

More on werewolves and wolfman

The diet of werewolves consists of human beings. It doesn’t matter whether they are alive or a corpse. But, don’t worry. Werewolves only roam the earth at night during a full moon. During this time, just stay indoors!


Dodging the “Silver Bullet”: The only way to kill a werewolf, is to shoot him with a silver bullet. If you do not have a silver bullet, a silver arrow will suffice. Also, if you only injure a werewolf, the injury will show on the person, when he transforms back into human form.

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